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We support the following development sectors

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HISTORIC BUILDING ASSESSMENTSSetting Impacts, Historic Survey, Character Studies
In the right place, well-designed tall buildings can make a positive contribution to urban life, but ill-considered proposals can have a disproportionate impact on the character, appearance and enjoyment of places. At GK Heritage Consultants we guide and advise our clients through the design and planning phase identifying and dealing with any potential setting impacts.
HERITAGE IMPACTAssessments and Statements
Archaeological consultation is an advisable initial step for every proposed development. It minimises planning delays and costs later on. At GK Heritage we provide clear advice on potential issues, mitigation measures and costs. We manage our projects in the interests of the client, liaising with the curators and smoothing the way to successful development.
UTILITIESPipelines, Communication & Power
As with other linear developments, the potential impact on buried archaeological sites and on archaeological setting can be significant. We are able to offer pragmatic advice from the initial Environmental Impact Statements through to resolution. We understand that advice, guidance and sound judgement at an early stage can save considerable time and costs throughout a large project.

Pipelines and power line projects are varied in scale and the archaeological potential can be perceived as uncertain. A common outcome is for a watching brief or monitoring condition to be imposed. At GK Heritage we are able to ensure that services are tailored to the requirements of the job, keeping pace with the development, minimising delays and quickly dealing with the unexpected.
EXTRACTIONQuarries, Coal, Aggregates, Peat
Often of long duration, and usually spread over large areas, extraction projects represent a particular challenge for all concerned. Helping clients identify the archaeological risk early is central to our strategy in this sector. At GK Heritage we have the experience working on such projects and have helped clients steer a path through the planning process and changes in legislation. Our role is to develop imaginative strategies based on best practice solutions.
LAND MANAGEMENTForestry, Estates, Agriculture, Land banks
Any significant landowner will have to consider heritage issues as part of their management and conservation plans. Our approach is to identify the issue at the earliest stage enabling proactive management, informing development strategies and assisting in agro-environmental and other grant applications. Whether the issue is rural buildings or buried archaeology, GK Heritage can help clients to realise the potential of their archaeological resources – flipping the coin and turning potential liabilities into valued assets.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTNew Development, Regeneration, Renewables
The cultural heritage components of Environmental Impact Assessments are a particular strength of GK Heritage. We have considerable experience in this field. We have been an integral and valued member of the project teams on a wide range of projects, including mineral extraction, wind farms, landfill, housing and quarrying. All Environmental Impact Assessments require different levels of involvement depending on the nature of the project, the requirements of the client and the scale of the site. We ensure that the archaeological component of every project is individually tailored to meet the client's needs. Any large project requires an interdisciplinary approach to planning and management.

Core Heritage Services

  • Advice on and the discharge of planning conditions.
  • Advice on the need for cost effective solutions
  • Desk based assessments.
  • Expert evidence at Planning Inquiries.
  • Historic landscape characterisation including buildings and hedgerows.
  • Industrial and military archaeological advice.
  • Preparation of briefs and written schemes of Investigation for fieldwork.
  • Review of development plan policies and boundaries of designated or proposed sites of archaeological interest.
  • Specification, tendering and project management of field evaluations and excavations.

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